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At BeautyBoatSpa our goal is to make you fall back in-love with your summer toy. Giving it the love and respect it deserve!

COVID19 : We understand that everyone is tackling this hardship with the best of their ability. Time's like this could be tough and dangerous. We are offering a pick-up and drop off service to ensure the safety of ourselves and those whom we care about. 

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Beauty Boat Spa offers services for watercraft's of all kinds and sizes. Our goal is to have your watercraft looking its best going into the water, and preforming its best. If your looking to sell your personal watercraft, we'll make it look like new to ensure you receive what your deserve!

Consistent maintenance is the best way to have your boat operate as well as it looks. Our eco-friendly mobile unit will meet you at the location of your choosing, negating the inconvenience of bringing your boat to a shop.

If not properly taken care of, your boat can become home to mildew, dirt, and pesticides. In addition, constant sun exposure will lead to oxidation and faded colour.

We provide Boat Detailing Services that include, but is not limited to:

✓ Polishing

✓ Carpeting Cleaning

✓ Interior Detailing

✓ Exterior Detailing

✓ Rust & Stain Removal

✓ Engine Detailing

✓ Algae Removal

✓ Upholstery Cleaning.

✓ Leather Replacement

✓ Gel-Coat and Fiberglass Repair

✓ Entire Paint Job

✓ AntiFouling Painting

✓  Maintenance

✓ Winterizing

✓  Storage

✓ Custom Decals 

✓  Decal Removal

✓ Engine and Lower Unit Restoring

✓ Window tinting

✓ Boat Wrapping

✓ Scratch Removal

✓ Complete Boat Restoration

✓  Prob Repair



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